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BJU math vs. the home home teacher's edition?


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:confused:Can someone help me with the difference in these two items?

There is the Bob Jones Math 2 (and other levels) of student and teacher materials. Then there is a set called Math 2 home teacher's edition...


What is the difference?

Do you prefer one over the other?


Thanks so much!


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Since BJU just came out with a new edition of Math 2, one HUGE difference may be the edition. The Home Teacher Edition is only available in the 2nd edition. The current one (that just has a Teacher's Edition) is the 3rd edition.


But in GENERAL, the Teacher's Edition is written toward a classroom. It's still very usable by homeschool teachers, but there is a lot of extraneous stuff you would skip since you don't have a classroom full of kids.;) The HTE is geared toward homeschool use.

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I've only ever used the BJU 3rd edition (the Home Teacher's Edition is phased out with the 2nd edition), and it's WONDERFUL. I believe BJU included resources with the 3rd edition (especially on the CD) to make the Home Teacher's edition unnecessary. For example, there are copies of the Teacher's Visuals on the CD, which you can view on screen or print off in individual sizes (they would be posters if you bought the school recommended items).

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