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Happy mother's day!!!

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I have been utterly spoiled! I received a beautiful drum, which I had vaguely been wishing for and must have mentioned. But then at swap meet this morning my dh also bought me a medieval dress and cape (we are into the SCA).

But the biggest surprise for me was my son. I had whispered to dh that it might be a good idea for him to help ds13 get me a present or at least make me a card- we are trying to train him to think of others more and he had never done anything for me before. Ds wasn't happy about being asked- probabyl felt embarrassed, but then when we got home from swap meet he called me and showed me what he bought me- the most beautiful stained glass candle lamp.

Dd14 had painted me a beautiful watercolour picture and bought me a lovely card saying something like "I dont always like everything you say but I really appreciate that you believe in me!". It was sweet.

I truly felt spoilt.

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