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easy grammar question


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My girls are coming out of public school and entering 6th and 9th grades. They have not had A LOT of grammar in school...

NO diagramming at all.


I am wondering what grade level I should start easy grammar with.


any suggestions?


Does it have alot of review in the beginning??

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My experience with Easy Grammar is that it does not contain diagramming. of course, that was 4-5 years ago so perhaps it's changed. :confused:


Personally, if they haven't had a lot of grammar, I would get something like Analytical Grammar or Jr. Analytical Grammar. Something with teeth, ya know? Something to get those concepts learned, embedded. I don't mean something difficult or advanced and hard to jump into like Rod & Staff or BJU, I mean something that will make up for lost time.


For me, Easy Grammar (no offense to those who like it) is just too easy...especially for a 9th grader.


Of course, that is only my lousy 2 cent opinion. If EG is what you like, I say go for it! :D

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I'd consider looking at Rod and Staff. After doing minimal grammar with my two boys, I started into Rod and Staff 5 when they were halfway through 5th and 6th grade. We did about half the exercises and often covered a couple of lessons a day. They now have finished Book 6 and are feeling very comfortable with grammar (including diagramming).


With your 9th grader, you might want to consider starting with Book 6 and then going on through Books 7 and 8.


I've also found that supplementing with proofreading exercises like Critical Thinking's Editor in Chief books is extremely helpful in making grammar studies applicable.



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Growing With Grammar does teach diagramming.


Table of Content for 6th grade. http://www.growingwithgrammar.com/6thgradestudmanindex.html


Table of Content for their new 7th grade book. http://www.growingwithgrammar.com/7thgradestudmanindex.html


They are working on other grade levels. GWG's 8th grade curriculum will be available in the spring of 2010.

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