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How is Spelling incorporated into CLE LA?

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Is anyone using CLE lang. arts? If so, how is the spelling incorporated into it? Do you have word lists weekly for example? After reading the earlier CLE posts, I am intrigued by it and liked the samples I saw online. But, at least at the grade I was looking at (6th), I didn't quite "get" how they handled spelling. We actually struggle with spelling, so the level I was looking at would be too advanced anyhow. Thanks for any info:001_smile:

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For each light unit you have about 60 words; 20 for each of the 3 sections of the lightunit. The words either cover a topic/theme (like world capitals), or spelling digraphs/trigraphs, homonyms, bible-related, etc.


They ask you to copy them on a separate piece of paper, and within the LU you will be asked to define them (if applicable), or locate them with the appropriate country (if a capital list), or identify the pronunciation from a dictionary, use them in sentences, etc.


That way, the child gets plenty of ways to practice the words before the spelling quiz, which they take when they take the regular lightunit quizzes.


Then there's a final test for the entire LU and a final spelling test for all the words, usually about 30 of the harder-to-spell words from the entire LU.


Sometimes I pick other words than those they suggest for the final test if my daughter had trouble with different ones than those listed.



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