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Best dinosaur book for Christian kids?

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Any recommendations?






We have Dinosaurs by Design, The Great Dinosaur Mystery and the Bible, and Dinosaurs and the Bible, as well as D is for Dinosaur.


Our favorite for actually learning about dinosaurs is Dinosaurs by Design. The others focus primarily on creation v. evolution, and explain where dinosaurs would fit in with a young earth creation model, while including tidbits of information about dinosaurs. Dinosaurs by Design, on the other hand, focuses on actual information about dinosaurs (from a young earth perspective), while also covering creation v. evolution.


For somewhat older children (maybe 5th grade and up?), Dinosaurs and Creation is also good.


We supplement all of these with secular books from the library.

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I have a book called "Dinosaurs: Exploring the Scientific Mysteries of God's Creation" by Michael and Caroline Carroll. It is heavy on facts and approaches dinosaur discovery from a God's creation perspective, but does not focus on young earth/old earth. Here's a statement from the book:


"Devout people sometimes don't agree about how old the earth is. The important thing to remember is that God is in control. He is the Creator and designer of everything. Our God is great--powerful enough to make the world in six days--and vast enough to make it over billions of years."


I appreciate this perspective, but YMMV.

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