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Any suggestions for 2nd grade Weather Study?

K&Rs Mom

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We're wrapping up Earth Science, and I thought I'd check in here before I start getting our weather plans going. What was fun? What really stuck with the dc more than a few days? What was more trouble than it was worth? :bigear:



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We used a variety of Let's Read and Find Out books about weather and some Seymour Simon books. These have great pictures and easy text. We watched some nature shows about tornados, hurricanes and other wild weather. We learned the water cycle and how to classifying clouds. My oldest kept a weather chart for a while. He read up on barometers and made a gadget on his own. It was our focus for about a month. They still drag those books off to bed with them and they remember much more than I do. We kept it light and fun.



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Well, this was for preschool, but we did a cloud in a jar, and rain bags.


To make the rain bags, put dirt/grass (dig up some "yard!") and a couple spoonful of water in a baggie. Puff it out a little (don't press out all the air--you can make it puffy by almost sealing it, but inserting a straw, then blow it up, then seal the air in) and hang it in the window. You will see "rain" begin to form on the inside of the bag, then you can tap it to make it rain. Talk about condensation, the water cycle, etc.


Google the other cloud activity.


Also, I liked Tomie De Paola's Cloud book--you can use it to make a nice poster with cotton clouds.


It's also fun to investigate things unusual weather phenomenon, like when it rains frogs and things.


I also do a lot of graphing with weather, measuring windspeed and using a rain gauge. You can just google to find plans for anemometers, gauges, weather vanes, etc.

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These are the following resources we're using next year for our First Year Weather & Climate Studies:


Handbook of Nature Study

Kingfisher's Young Discoverers Weather & Climate

Let's Read and Find Out Stage 2 Weather Package available through Rainbow Resource (RR)

Hurricanes by Seymour Simon


Supplemental books from the library (including Tomie de Paola's Cloud book), websites and videos as needed.

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