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New here....some questions concerning Latin


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I just wanted to introduce myself. I am homeschooling (only the 2nd year) my ds, who will be turning 9 in October. I just love this board. It has helped tremendously in showing me which way to go. Thank you too all of you!!! :)


I am trying to decide on a Latin Curriculum for my ds. How do you like Prima Latina for kids (K-3)? I studied Latin for 5 years in hs - so, I am not worried about pronounciation, grammar, etc. However, I am concerned that my "Wiggle Willy" will loose interest in Latin if the lessons are too boring or too long. He is already studying a foreign language (German) and I have to be very creative to make this work.


I am just so grateful I have found this site.



Mom to ds 8

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...this year for about six months. I go slowly with it, even though my ds (8) could move faster. I just want him to really know the words. It's interesting to see him make the connections (derivatives) between English and Latin words.


I do not have a Latin background (German and Dutch, actually), but I find Prima Latina quite easy to teach. I think if you have any language training at all, it would be relatively simple. I have no means to compare it to another program, but we like it and my ds enjoys it and sits still for it...and he has ADHD.


So there it is, fwiw. Hope that helps.

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