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Anyone use an at home microdermabrasion

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I use the Susan Lucci kit that's sold on HSN.com. It comes with a little skin massager thing and some skin care stuff. I wasn't sure if I'd like it, but it has turned out to be pretty good.


If you don't want a little machine, I've also used Philosophy's microdermabrasion products, which were good, and I have also tried Serious Skin Care's products, which seem to be almost an exact match for Philosophy at a lower price (particularly when HSN sells them as part of a kit.)


I'll try to find links to the products and post them for you.



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Ok, here's a link to the Susan Lucci system:




The Serious Skin Care kit is called C-Extreme Results. Don't pay full price if you buy it. Get it as part of a larger kit. Here's a link to the product details:




These are the Philosophy Microdelivery Peel Pads. I think they're ok, but there are cheaper options available:




This is the Philosophy kit that's similar to the SSC kit I linked above:




I've tried other products, too, so if you have anything specific in mind, feel free to ask!



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Spin-off... What do these do for you? I went to the beauty school for a six week session and it seemed to smooth out the uneven coloring a bit (redness) and maybe tighten the pores some. It didn't seem to make much difference, but maybe I don't know what to look for.

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