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Talk to me, please, about Omnibus and Spielvogel...

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First of all, I would love to hear from those of you who have used Omnibus I. Is this a strong enough program to count as a high school World History credit?


Secondly, I notice one of the optional books is Spielvogel's Western Civ. In your opinion, is it necessary?


Finally, I've read some reviews about Spielvogel's World History: The Human Odyssey. I'm wondering if this could be used as a stand-alone World History program and where to get a study guide or teacher's guide for it. What is the difference between this book and the Western Civ book?


Thanks for any help you can give!



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I have Spielvogel's Western Civilization and Human Odyssey. The Western Civilization is the college-level course while the Human Odyssey is the high school level course. The HO is a world history textbook consisting of 36 chapters and I would consider a World History high school credit. I was able to find the study guide for HO on Amazon. I haven't found the TE yet. There are quite a few threads about these books on this board. I hope I was able to help you some.

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Hi Jacklyn, we just finished Omnibus 1, you can see some extra helps in my blog below. I would advise not trying to do it all. It is an excellent program. I think it's definitely worth a history credit. Some of the literature is historically based, so that time spent reading will count towards your history credit. Omnibus suggests reading just portions of Spielvogel. We used Human Odyssey instead. We read the prehistory portion while reading Genisis and the chapter on early civilization when we read The Epic of Gilgamesh. Then we went on to Egypt and Rome etc. We even had time to take breaks from the history text. At the end of the yr we read the chapters in Human Odyssey not covered in Omnibus: China, the Americas and India.


Human Odyssey is Spielvogel's high school version. Western Civ is college level. I really like the Human Odyssey text. It reads well, is interesting, contains some primary source readings, and is not overwhelming. I did buy the Teacher's Edition, probably from Abebooks.com. I believe I have the Texas edition, and it works with the text we have. I think I just made sure they were written in the same yr. The TE has answers to the Ch rev ?'s that I use as tests and also great additional discussion questions and activities.


I didn't call the history credit "World history," I called it Ancient History.

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We did Omnibus I, and we did it as the text is written. It was challenging at first, but once my son got the hang of the old language he liked it a lot. He was 8th grade. We did Omnibus II with a 9th grader and two 7th graders successfully. They loved the church history and the Tolkien books.


We got the Spielvogel text as a supplement when we started Omnibus I, but didn't use it much. Most suggested supplemental readings weren't all that long, though.


Years ago I got a list from Veritas Press of course descriptions for each of the Omnibus books. Doing Omnibus I as written, would be three high school credits: Ancient World History I, Ancient Literature I, and Religion - Doctrine & Theology I.



Kimm in WA

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