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X Post from the General Board. Thoughts on Connect the Thoughts?


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I was leaning heavily towards doing SL Core 100 and Core 3/4 with my crowd next year. This would be difficult and cumbersome, althought I believe in the quality. It would also be difficult to schedule "out" for the days when my bonus students are not here (Tuesdays) and for illness (one reason one of my families homeschool).


I am looking for usable ideas that won't require *I* write the curriculum or do the planning.


I welcome opinions on Connect the Thoughts.

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I have a wannabe film director here and we have are doing CTT Animation and then film.

He really knows his stuff. Often people underestimate the time required but although the lessons are hefty, he tells you how many hours you will be spending.

My only quip is he seems too thourough. I am more than tempted to skip.

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