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Need help with Elementary Physics plans

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Stephen Hawking has out a book with one of his children - Lucy, I believe. I'm not sure what the name of it is, but I find his books very engaging so feel certain this one would be great for kids!


And here are a few more you might try looking at:


Motion and Gravity, Jeanne Bendick


Gravity is a Mystery, Franklyn Branley

(anything by him is good!)


Which Way is Up? Gail Haines


How Did We Find Out About Nuclear Power? Isaac Asimov


Inside the Atom, Isaac Asimov

(anything by Asimov is great!)


What Magnets Can Do, Allan Fowler


Magnetism: What it is and how Man has used it From Ancient Times to the Present, Raymond Holden


Albert Einstein and Relativity, Steve Parker


Why Doesn’t the Earth Fall Up? And Other not Such Dumb Questions About Motion, Vicki Cobb


Ancient Machines: From Wedges to Waterwheels, Michael Woods


The Science of a Light Bulb, Neville Evans


Day Light, Night Light: Where Light Comes From, Franklyn Branley

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If you check out the books included in Sonlight Science 4 or Noeo physics I and II you can get a great list of possible books to include in your studies. Next year we are using SL sci 4 but I have plans to find the books Noeo uses at the library and read them too.


Physics for every child by Janice VanCleave could give you lots of information and experiment ideas.

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