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I need help with graduation food!

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Well... dh has a torn ligament and is due for surgery in June besides being disabled anyway. The graduation is all up to me. We don't know how many people are coming because ds has invited many many friends and people from church. Ds wants to have pizza (picky eater). This makes it easy, but is it tacky?

I was thinking if I added pasta salad, veggie trays, etc it might be better?

We're also having cake.

People will be hungry if they come from the graduation ceremony. Our homeschool group does a ceremony that begins at 10 am and lasts at least a couple of hours. It's 1/2 hour away from us, so by the time everyone arrives here they will be hungry AND they'll be arriving about the same time we will. I'm stressed!!!!!

Any ideas, input, great recipes, anything????

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I am sorry about your hubby's health issues!

Graduation seems overwhelming and it can be, but just break it down step by step.


First, pizza is fine! I assume you mean ordering some take out..actually that sounds easy!


2nd, you do need to come up with some kind of head count. A rule of thumb count every single possible person who might be there and then take off at least 25 percent. We live far away from family, so we end up taking off at least 30 percent. Really, you have to just sit down and count heads and come up wtih some kind of tally.


3rd. Veggies and salad are perfect compliments and just go with what works best for you. Veggie trays can be ordered and picked up ahead of time, or made by you, what ever works best. Pasta salad can be read ahead of time. Have your decorations, tables, chairs, whatever you need ready before you go and then you just have to set out the food.


I don't know where you live, but most of us have a Sam's, Costco or a Gordon's Food service ( restaurant supply stores that are open to the public). They are great for buying in bulk whether it's food or paper supplies. ONe stop shopping!


Pop goes on sale this time of year. I found it is much easier and probably cheaper than doing a punch bowl. We get a big rubbermaid containrer, or borrow coolers from freinds. WE then get ice from the local gas station and put itin the coolers which are set outside and self serve. Bottled water has become a staple at all grad open houses in our area as well, with about half the folks drinking water and half drinking pop.


Try to get someone to ehlp out the day of the open house. DO you have a firend whose child is graduating and you can help out at their open house in return? Family memebers?????? My sister is my rock at these events and I am there for her at her's.



Try to have fun and plan, plan, plan and then enjoy your day!

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them take take-out pizza (order it un-cut) and use circle cookie cutters to make them into nice looking-mini pizzas. They topped some of them with meats, some with herbs, some with veggies, left some plain. They really did look quite nice! (But they were still plain cheese pizza for the pickies! :D) It's all about the presentation!

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We just had dd17's graduation party last weekend. :001_smile: We had a great time, I hope you have fun.


Here are a few ideas I used.


Stage food in more than one place. 'Chips and dip' and a bowl of nuts on the coffee table in one room. 'Food type' stuff in the dining room, I had veggies, deviled eggs, ham&cheese rolls, etc. A cheese log and variety of crackers in the kitchen. That way people could snack wherever they wanted. Most of it was easy to make ahead of time.


We had several guests with food issues so I put small cards next to dishes which contained allergens such as wheat, dairy, nuts.


We served the drinks outside on the patio so that we didn't have to worry about ice chests, spilled ice, etc. inside.


Pizza sounds great and I liked your idea of adding a few lighter/healthier items like veggies or salad.

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