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How does Oak Meadow work?

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Oak Meadow is very Waldorf inspired without stating outright that it is Waldorf. One of the books they recommend shares key principles from the Waldorf method of schooling. That explains the very gentle approach. If you find you line up well with the principles of Waldorf then it would be a good fit but if you don't then you're likely better off using something else.


I'm really considering this for my youngest because his needs are different than his sisters and the gentle play approach will work best for him.

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I have tried to use it in the earlier grades but I didn't like it because it was light and vague. Just not for us. However part of this could be that I wasn't in the frame of mind to deal with a curriculum like this back then. I was in workbook/textbook mode back then. I think I could implement OM in the lower grades better now if I had to do it all over again.


So once we got to 5th grade I found it to be a great fit for us. We have used 5th and 6th and I am waiting for the UPS driver to drop off Grade 7 any minute now!


There aren't any test, quizes or grades in the same way a traditional textbook company would do it. There are mid term tests I guess. Basically just questions to answer. And at the end of every science lesson there are a few questions to answer. same with math. They are called "tests" but I don't really feel like they are "testy" if you know what I mean.


We do a lot of talking about the reading assignments, especially for history. Also, my dd writes the answers to the Science questions every week. We LOVE the math. My dd has been able to do it without much assistance from me. And it's not that she's a math whiz. OM explains the math REALLY well!!


I like that it's written to the student so I don't have to explain everything. The curriculum explains it and we talk about it then. So I don't have to "teach". Oh how my non-homechooling friends can't understand how this works!! :D OM has taken so much stress off of me! I LOVE this curriculum.


So overall, we like the gentle relaxed approach to tackling these subjects. We don't like workbooks. We found OM to be just what we needed.


It's a little light in Grammar and Writing. I would like it to be a little more structured. Maybe 7th will be so. We'll see. Some people do supplement for Grammar and Writing. There are things to do with Grammar and Writing but I guess with these subjects I would have liked a little bit of a workbook style or something more structured.

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