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"Language Smarts" Critical thinking Co

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I bought them, and I'll probably use them since I have them, but I'm not impressed. The description on the website makes them sound far more elaborate and in-depth than they are. They're just workbooks, there are no "lessons" -- and in many cases there's not even very much to do on the page. An example would be a page that says "Complete each sentence with am, is, or are," followed by 4 or 5 sentences like "The squirrel ______ eating."


They basically aim to cover phonics, grammar, and writing, but you would need separate curricula in all three areas to cover the topics adequately, so this is just extra practice, and I think it's quite expensive for that.


The workbooks are very colorful (meaning, totally colored with little to no white space) and are printed on heavy paper, but that's really the best I can say about them. IMHO, $30 for a workbook is too much, when I can get one like Spectrum or Harcourt/Flashkids for $7-10 that will do the exact same thing.



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