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has anyone used BOTH apples and pears AND AAS?

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Well I can't compare the 2, as I haven't used A & P. I have used AAS just this past year with my special needs son and it has really been a good fit for him. He is spelling things much more on his own and is making great progress.:001_smile:

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I used Apples and Pears last year and this past Fall. I liked how it was laid out. I switched to AAS in March. I think AAS works better for my son because he can apply the rules, which are so simply presented and reviewed each day. It has the dictation that I enjoyed most about A&P and doesn't have the British themes or vocabulary. The tiles are a great bonus to AAS as well, at least we find them so. My son doesn't have a LD, so I can't answer in regards to that. We went through Level 1 quickly because he did have a good spelling foundation and he is gaining a lot of confidence in Level 2 now.



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We used Apples and Pears and then switched to AAS. My ds was learning to spell with A&P, but wanted to know why words were spelled the way they are. He likes knowing the rules, which are taught with AAS.


Amy C

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