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Remember the MIA Ball Python?

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Thanks for the feedback a few weeks back about the missing ball python. He was found last night (alive) by my nephew. The snake was in the bathtub! Poor guy must have been looking for a drink. He has been returned to his (hopefully snakeproof) cage.


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Was he somewhere else and then moved to the bathtub? :confused: It seems like he would have been spotted there when someone went to take a shower.


Anyway, I'm glad he's found. My next door neighbor came screaming to my porch a few days ago becasue a black snake was in her bushes. Same with the neighbor directly facing me. If your nephew wants anymore, we apparently have plenty of the creatures around here.. "Free to a good home"

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I'm happy he was found alive but I'm especially thankful I took my shower before reading this. Tomorrow morning, I'm putting my glasses on first and checking the tub carefully before even thinking about a shower. I can't imagine stepping into the shower and onto a very large python!



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