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I've been checking forever and hoping that when the 3rd edition came out it would be on the Kindle. We even asked Susan about this at the conference and she didn't know either. I completely forgot about it and just checked this afternoon and it was available! It's a bit less than $15 if I remember correctly.


Don't ask me how many copies of WTM I actually have now. It would be embarrassing. There are very good and logical reasons for them all though. I'm not nuts. Well, not about this but that's a whole other point.


Now, we just need to bully them into getting WEM on Kindle. It would often be useful to have those booklists available for the unexpected visit to the bookstore or such. Even if you don't own a Kindle, please go to Amazon.com, search for Well Educated Mind and click the button that says "I want to see this on the Kindle". Please!

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Yep, I found this out too and bought it on the Kindle. Guess one can never have too many copies. LOL.


TWEM shows up and is priced for the Kindle but isn't quite available yet. But, with the pricing there, it must be coming soon.

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