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Why Latin and where to begin?

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I just got Getting Started Latin and looked it over today. I think this is a wonderful book. The author wrote this book especially at the request of homeschooling moms. They requested a text that was simple to teach, large, easy to read format, nonconsumable, and did not require the $$$ that most curriculums require such as teacher's guides, cd's, dvd's, workbooks, activity books, answer keys, etc.


I LOVE this book. It has tiny, bite-size lessons that are easy to learn and teach. We used all of Latina Christiana 1 this year and we are using this this summer. A lot of it is review, but a whole lot it new too.


One thing that I really like is that the author suggests children translate the lessons into their notebooks and then translate them back into latin without looking at the text. Going back and forth that way will help retention and make the lessons more interesting.


I am going to have all my kids do it at their own pace. It seems kids of all ages could use it as long as they have mastery before moving on.


I think I paid $17 on amazon and I downloaded the mp3 audio lessons free from the author's site.


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Personally, I like to start with a modern foreign language with little kids, to allow you to take advantage of their receptivity to living language at that age.


For your older child, I like Latin Prep, from Galore Park, at that age - there are samples on the website. It's a very complete programme, with a good balance of translation from English to Latin and Latin to English, and has a little humour thrown in. It can be bought from bookdepository.co.uk or horriblebooks.com. To begin, you just need the text book and answer book. There are optional extra workbooks (with their own answer books) if you want more practice.


Best wishes



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