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Alex Rider books by Anthony Horowitz suitable for 9yo boy?

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I'm sure some of your children have read these... is there anything that would be considered inappropriate for a nine-year-old, theme wise? He is enjoying Scorpia right now, but I don't particularly want to read them all myself, you know?





Umm....if he hasn't read the other books in the series, then you should probably pre-read Scorpia. There is one scene that you might not be comfortable with. This book and Snakehead are probably the two books that Alex is faced with the most difficult decisions.

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sorry...DD interupted my thought.
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As some people obsess over Twilight, I obsess over Alex Rider. I read them all in one week. :D If you put Edward up again Alex Rider, I'd pick Alex every time. Horowitz is writing a follow up to Snakehead.


There is a movie "Stormbreaker" which is not so true to the book, but decent. Kind of a junior James Bond without the moral issues of Bond.

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