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Voite: BJU DVD - Spanish or French?

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Hi everyone,


I want to get a couple of BJU's titles on DVD, and it appears to be a better bargain if I buy a full grade level and then resell the books I don't need... the full level comes with a foreign language component. Choices are Spanish and French. Might as well get it since it will be free! I'm leaning towards Spanish since we are in Texas, but perhaps French would be better choice since we don't have as many local resources for tutoring.


I think I'll go with whichever one the Hive Mind says is the better course :)



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The French teacher is excellent. Love her! We've emailed her and received prompt responses. Love her!


We used the Spanish I and II materials as well - for my older son. The Spanish I class moved too slowly for my taste. It seemed like it was his first year teaching; there were lots of classroom management issues that I didn't really think we should have to deal with as end-product users. The Spanish II class was a different teacher.


So it really boils down to which language you would like to learn.

But if you are asking which is a better teacher, I would vote solidly for the French instructor.




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