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Oxiclean laundry users: Do you use it with your dark clothes?

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I've had it fade things. Most recently I had on black jeans while trying to deliver a dead calf, that's about 100 times more vile than you can imagine unless you've done it. When I was done, I stripped off all my outer clothes and threw them in the washer together. I had my black jeans, a pink sweatshirt, and a white shop towel in there. I put in my Tide HE, and a scoop of Oxyclean with the Tide. The white shop towel came out a lovely sky blue, my pink sweatshirt is a pretty lavender, and my black jeans are not so black anymore. But they were really clean!


I wear a lot of pocket T's on the farm, the colorful ones. If I'm not careful I will get spots on them from the Oxyclean.

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I don't like the powder Oxyclean as I think it can lighten the clothes if it hasn't dissolved in the water first. I only use the liquid and the spray for stains. I had problems particularly with reds in my old top loader. I've not tried the powder w/my front loader.

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