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Spin off from "teary eyes when reading"

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I'm just curious if any of you think this is becoming more of a problem as you get older. I tend to tear up a lot when I am reading emotional stories but I also find myself crying a lot more about other things (mostly happy).


For instance, my ds entered the local Hit, Run, Pitch competition. He almost didn't go because he didn't think he was good enough. He is a good player but isn't on the traveling team and knew there would be kids there from the traveling team. He decided to give it a try and ended up winning for his age group. When I read the results online I started crying. When I called my mom to tell her the news I started crying and could barely talk. I was just so proud of him for trying something even though he didn't think he would do well. My son couldn't believe I was crying.


I find myself crying over something sweet that the kids said or did. I'm always crying during movies or sometimes even commercials. I find that I am getting even worse as a get older :confused:

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Not as much now, but I spent nine months as a blubbering fool each time I was pregnant. What is it about that credit card commercial with the Five for Fighting song playing in the background? It got me every time. :lol:


I like to think I outgrew it, but I find it's coming back as the children get older and my days with them at home are becoming fewer. It does bring up emotions I have no practice handling!

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I cry more easily as I get older too. I feel like after the death of my father, the birth of my children and many others close to me, being old enough to see children growing up and changing, reading more books and feeling more connected with the whole of human experience, I am now a richer person who can more fully see how sweet life is and appreciate things more than I did when I was younger. So for me, it comes out in more tears.

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