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EPA and DHA and Omega 3 questions

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I am having a hard time figuring out what kind of Omega 3 supplement to buy for my family. I have ADD and we are having increasing attention deficit problems with one of my boys, though that might be a normal part of being 11.


Anyway, I am reading online that for ADD, a lot of doctors recommend a 7:1 ratio of EPA to DHA, which is pretty close to what Omegabrites have. But then I read how great DHA is for the brain, and I am confused about why I shouldn't get one of the more balanced supplements.


Has anyone really spend the time on this issue to form a strong conclusion?

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Check the formulas that Nordic Naturals offers. Also check something called red krill, not sure the brand right of hand. You can also go to a website like www.LuckyVitamin.com or www.Vitacost.com they have many brands and formulas to choose from. Keep in mind you want something that will not leave a weird burp taste. I have never had that issue but my husband has. I had some salmon oil capsules, and he complained, so I opted for Nordic Naturals and he quit complaining.

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We use Nordic Naturals as well, and all three of my children, DS10, DS6, and DS3 truly love them. I mean, if I leave them on the counter, DS3 asks for them all day, so I have to keep them inside the cupboard. Omega tastes like lemon ,and DHA taste like strawberry.


Not sure about EPA and all of that.

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