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Lively Latin--How parent intensive is this?


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I am almost set on waiting for a year or so before beginning LP1, but if Lively Latin is very and can be done individually, I may to go that route. We're starting a new co-op that will be more academic and I am uncertain how much of a time commitment will be required for the classes they take there.


Make one little change, and everything changes, :rolleyes:



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We just started LL a few wks ago with dd just turned 8 (advanced student though), and love it to pieces. I read her the lesson and we discuss it since that's the meat of it, and she does the wkshts mostly on her own. We do talk through what interests us about the word derivatives, but she does a lot of it on her own too. I set her up at the computer and she listens to the vocab on her own too, and practices her flashcards on her own as well. Sometimes we quiz each other (I'm learning it also.) She reads the history to herself too, sometimes we talk through the history wkshts, sometimes not if it's pretty straightforward. I'm always right at hand so we comment to each other throughout. There is no prep time at all. It's laid out so well. This is one of our all-time favorites!

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