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I don't have chapati flour but I do have . . .

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Trying sifting the coarsest bran out of your whole wheat flour to get something like atta flour. But in reality, I usually end up using regular old homeground whole wheat and we have good chapatis. Don't use the pastry flour because it'll be difficult to work with.

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ww flour, ww pastry flour, and all-purpose white. Would one of those work? Which would be most like chapati flour?


Anyone know?





Atta is "soft" or "queen" wheat. The atta I buy is out of Canada, and I would put the ww pastry flour through a fine sieve to take out the worse of the cutting bran.

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We sifted the ww flour through the sieve and sifted, and sifted, and sifted . . . I'm so suprised at how much bran we collected.


The chapatis were delicious, we ate them warm with honey, but they didn't puff. The recipe indicated that they were supposed to. Still, they were yummy.


Thanks for the help!

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