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need resources for increasing reading comprehension

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My daughter has an auditory processing disorder. Her therapists have been using a component of Fast Forword with her but we are discontinuing therapy in lieu of doing it at home. Can anyone help me by recommending resources for increasing reading comprehension that we could use at home?


Thank you,


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Not sure if this will help or if it's available in your area but I am looking into LearningRX. It's a cooperative program lead by therapists trained in this area with you doing equal amount of training at home. It's pretty expensive so we're looking into ways to finance it but they said homeschooling families do wonderfully at this and the entire program - at it's cheapest (where mom does the majority of the work) is about $2,000.00. And it's guaranteed that the child will be reading 3 grade levels above their current level or they continue working with the child past the program date.


I look forward to seeing other answers. This is a major problem for one of my girls and we have come to realize that until we address the APD we can't move any further in her schooling...



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Are you thinking that the auditory processing is what is affecting her reading comprehension?

How old is dd?

How is her phonemic awareness?

How is her ability to sound out words?

Does she have trouble with working memory? (Working memory issues account for most trouble with reading comprehension if that is the only aspect of reading that is problematic.)

The resources that would be most helpful really depend on your answers to these questions.

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