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WTM Science ideas?

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Okay so I have read The Well Trained Mind 2004 edition. Although I think they have good points on the teaching science through a couple of encyclopedia type books, I prefer more structure to our science. I know what we are doing this year, just have to purchase it. However, I was wondering if you all knew of any science that followed the WTM's order of biology, chemistry, etc. for each year. I have found some but it seems they do not have enough levels to cover even high school. I thought about Apologia for next year but haven't really decided if it will be a fit. My oldest son loves science so we are going to do a little science this year even though it's against the WTM but we will probably just do a little general science and start the WTM method of science next year. Any suggestions for a good WTM curriculum would be appreciated. Thanks!

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It's really funny to me that I've now been homeschooling longer than many of you posters have been moms. So I don't want this to come across like "in my day we had to walk 3 miles barefoot through the snow just to do science with our kids". But. I started homeschooling without ever having read the WTM, so my kids didn't spend a year on biology or a year on chemistry or whatever is recommended. We never did a "program" for science but instead I just followed their lead and we avoided formal science courses until high school. Yes, high school, and they are doing fine. One of them in fact is planning on studying science in college.


Follow the lead of your ds. There are countless science kits on the market, and if you search the boards I'm sure you can find good recommendations for what is currently out there. Pick some that he would enjoy and get those along with lots of books from the library. Collect things and catalog them. Draw them, observe them. Make sure you have magnifying glasses, magnets, measuring tapes and local field guides and a good science encyclopedia. Watch NOVA, Magic School Bus, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and any other cool science show you can find. Let him take some fun science classes at the local zoo or museum.


You can worry about formalizing it all as he gets older, but for now science should be a simple joy, not an assigned subject.

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We've done various things. The best ones were Delta's Science in a Nutshell kits and NOEO Science. You might take a look at those. Now, for high school, we're going straight into college texts, as ones written for high school level tend to be written by educators rather than scientists and contain a lot of misconceptions.

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