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Piano Wizard Users - Do you like it?


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We got Piano Wizard a few months a go. At first it was great, my 2 kids would take turns and we had a lot of fun. Then my computer died. I set the piano up about a week ago, and my 2 kids still like it, but the novelty has worn off. They do about 30 minutes together every other day, but they are 6 and 3 so I guess I can't expect too much. It is very video gamey (does that make sense?), but they enjoy it. I have noticed there rhythm has gotten better (especially my 6 year old dd). I have the 199.99 version, and I like it for the most part (except it is on the computer).


One thing I did notice is that if you hit the wrong key, or you hit the correct key to soon it does not count against you. So a couple of times my 3 year old has done better than my 6 year old.


It is a nice supplement to a piano teacher.


I hope this helps.



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I am interested in the new DVD's that they have that build on the Piano Wizard game - 50 lessons on video, called Piano Wizard Academy. These are supposed to take the game and turn it into more of a curriculum that is equivalent to 1 year college level, or 2 years elementary level.


I saw this in an email from Sonlight, and am wondering if it would be helpful. It is extremely expensive. But we can't afford piano lessons for our twins - we are overextended with dance lessons as it is. It would be very expensive ($500) but less than piano lessons for both of them, if it works. I'm betting nobody has had a chance to use it yet, though. If you have, let us know!!!!!

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Guest MusicWizard

Some full disclosure here, I am the founder and creator of Piano Wizard, and we saw this post, and realized there was some confusion between what TimberDoodle is selling (Piano Wizard, the game and keyboard), and what Sonlight's offer is (Piano Wizard Academy, the game, the keyboard, and a full piano curriculum with videos and sheet music.)


Not counting the Sonlight bonuses of that particular offer, which are considerable, the biggest difference between the Piano Wizard and the Piano Wizard Academy is the depth and intent. The Piano Wizard Academy is for someone who wants to use the game to further their music education or that of their children. It provides guided step by step instructions (50 video lessons, two years worth of children's piano curriculum that is geared toward PARENTS, not just teachers), so they can use the game as a real teaching tool and actually get the kids off the game, reading sheet music at the piano. (Without nagging!)


The Academy addresses the experience of the mother who posted above who bought only the Piano Wizard game, and did not have any guidance or orientation how to really use the game systematically to help them leverage its great strengths to get her kids down a path to true musicianship. Without the Academy DVD lessons, we find many parents simply leave the kids to noodle around with it, but do not get involved in making it a real learning experience. Those that follow the video lessons and guidance get dramatically better and more consistent results.


The Piano Wizard Academy is not for everyone. If you just want a fun music video game that uses real music to play real instruments, the Piano Wizard game is a barrel of fun, and because you can download unlimited MIDI files into the game, it is infinitely expandable, as is the Academy.


However, if you want something that can complement or replace real piano lessons, the Piano Wizard Academy is a very real alternative.


A long post, and perhaps overly commercial, but I hope this clarifies the differences. For those of you interested, you can get the Sonlight bonuses at www.musicwizard.com/sonlight




Chris Salter

Music Wizard

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