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Does anyone own the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe game?

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Afraid I don't have the game but if no one has the game, here are a couple of ideas:


You could try calling Hasbro and asking. The directions for the game give 888-836-7025 as the toll free number to call customer service.

http://www.hasbro.com/common/instruct/Chronicles_of_Narnia_Lion_Witch_and_the_Wardrobe.pdf is the link to the pdf for the instructions. They may be able to tell you.


Unfortunately, that is not one that comes up automatically as having replacement parts available.


Alternatively, you could simply make up your own special abilities card based on her character from the book and the cards for other characters, then decide that that is what you will use going forward.


I tried the various game sites that I know of and no luck. Sorry and good luck.

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Here ya go:

PAY 1 Aslan token: Susan may re-roll EITHER the Wolf/Witch die or the Travel die


PAY2 Aslan tokens: Susan can make another player re-roll the Wolf/Witch die or the Travel die


*This ability may not be used of Susan is turned to stone.

(Special abilities may only be used once per turn)


Have Fun- Love this game, haven't played in awhile though.

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