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National Teacher Day

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Just wanted to say, "Happy National Teacher Day" to all teachers out there who do such a wonderful job with the education of their children.


Keep up the good work!!!


(why should the public schools only be acknowledged this day?)



This is our day too.



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I pointed this out to my 12 yods this morning and added the coincidence that it was the same week as Mother's Day. Over his breakfast cereal, he looks at me and says, "So, do we get the day off from school?"


I answered, "No".


He replied, "So, what's the point of celebrating?"''



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My DS took a fall last night at his speed skating practice, ripping open his chin. The coach insisted we take him in to the clinic to see if he needed stiches. He's fine but the first words from his mouth after learning he wouldn't need stiches was:


"But I still get the day off from school."


Our boys think alike.



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