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SOTW Ancients: 1st vs 2nd editions

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A friend was offered a used first edition text and activity pages to use with her dd this next year. She would simply need to buy the 2nd edition student page packet. (As the original owner used those.)

HOWEVER, does anyone know how different the two editions are?

Would she be better off buying the 2nd edition Activity Guide rather than just the student pages?

Or will the 1st and 2nd editions not work too smoothly together, forcing her to buy the whole 2nd edition set?

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the maps in the second edition are easier to read because the water is printed in grey which make is easier to distinguish seas and oceans from land, the illustrations have been improved, there is a timeline in the back of the book, and myths and folk tales are indented and clearly set apart form the historical aspects of the text.


The maps and illustrations in the AG have been improved as well. Other than that, I do not think the AG has been changed. The revised student pages should work with the first edition of the AG.

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