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Try this to reduce your bills - pretend dh has lost his job

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I am in total amazement at how much money we didn't spend last month and how I've been able to reduce our proposed outflow this month as a result of dh loosing his job.


Don't wait gals - live it like it's happened to ya for a month and see how much money you spend that you don't really have to.


Just the little eating out stops and running to the grocery store has saved a ton. We also have saved on gas by not going to town unless ABsolutely necessary and this saves on gas.


I see posts on here all the time about saving money on groceries and what not. Just an idea.

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It's funny - we've been doing the same thing!! With so many of our friends losing their jobs, we decided to live as if dh had lost his. We've been doing this since the third week in January. I'm being VERY careful with the food budget ($100/week). I coupon everywhere. We kept the heat down very low. We hang our laundry. Etc, etc, etc. We've bought almost nothing that we didn't really, really need. (We did buy ds12 a new baseball mitt last week. If dh had really lost his job, we'd have had ds make due.) We didn't take the kids out of any activities and we would've if dh had actually lost his job. Yes - it's those little trips to the store for all those things you "need" that really makes a difference!


I'm so happy to see our savings account growing! Are you saving for anything particular? Or are you just running an experiment? We're saving for an extended vacation in Europe.

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I started doing the same thing a few months back, and now that dh has been laid off it has made it much easier. I became more organized about when I go to the store, taking a list, planning meals, running errands on one trip, etc. What a difference.

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he really did loose his job. He's working with us in our school room. 'Member my help me make these meats last type post?? :)


I was given a ham over Easter by a dear friend and cooked it last night. Today we had lo mein with cabbage, carrots, ham and spaghetti noodles with oriental seasoning type sauce. It was easy, cheap and very filling for all of us.


We've been hanging the laundry out till all this misty rain here today. Actually ran the dryer. :tongue_smilie:It is a bit easier with that energy sucking appliance. Come on sunshine though, I like to think it saves us $5 each time, but it probably isn't that much.


Thanks for sharing the thoughts on cutting back.

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