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What would you do in this situation?

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My ds, a 9th grader, who has more energy for computer and video game time than putting forth much effort in his schoolwork has me in quandry (at the moment I feel steam out of my ears!). We started the year with Apologia Physical Science but he just couldn't not understand the reading, concepts, vocab - not sure if it was effort, topic (I was told my a friend/hs mom that son was using, that this course was very challenging even for her son who is science-inclined) so after 4 units of that book (or was it 5) I decided to call it quits - just can't, with good faith, give him an F on a transcript so I decided that we had better change gears/directions and so I thought I'd try something different and asked him what he wanted to learn about - he said Astronomy. So I collected a bunch of items (Amanda Bennett unit study, lapbook, workbook, some stuff to make it worth 1/2 a credit - not worried about labs as we did enough of those with the Physical Science) and so he has supposedly been working through this stuff. Come to find out - 6 weeks later that his effort is about half - half done, half not, today he told me he did the research online as he is to do (Amanda Bennett has direct weblinks within the study) and answer questions/mini reports but upon looking on the history of the computer - nope, didn't even visit a science site. Spent 2 HOURS on Facebook! Here it is May. Not sure whether to can the whole thing, start fresh in the fall and he'll have 3 years of science (we are planning on going with all DVD/BJU in the fall) or make him go back and finish this stuff. Just seems wrong to give credit to a student that hasn't put forth the effort! He'd get an F in public school. Help? Suggestions....


And yes, I'm working on the discipline process now - call into Dad on the next step...


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Looks like someone has work to do over the summer months. In the meantime, perhaps he can do some extra work in the evenings and on the weekends.


One thing you haven't said: how is he doing in his other courses? I fear that this is the tip of the iceberg.


How involved are you in the process? Your son needs not only more careful monitoring, but perhaps a teacher who can hold his hand and explain. He may not be sufficiently mature for independent work.


Good luck.


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His other coursework is average to above-average (he tends to run in the B range of grades when he puts his mind to it). Does very well in math and spanish - average there is high B to an A. We do have struggles when it comes to literature/english skills but I knew this and am working on it and trying to keep things on his level and gradually raising the bar. This is definitely his weak spot and was the beginning of the reason why we began the homeschooling journey with him halfway through 4th grade.


I do oversee a lot of his work and check up to be sure things were being done. Unfortunately with 3 other kids and a dh that works the evening shift, some days are overwhelming without the evening relief. He has informed me that he doesn't like being watched over, work checked, etc. He says that I don't do that with the other kids (not needed since they work right with me, except for my dd who is 7th and she works just fine and takes her studies seriously). I've had problems like this in January and we worked things out (youth pastor was involved to back me up) but I see this attitude coming forth once again. The draw of the computer is just too much and it has to stop. It is so hard knowing what is the right balance considering the technological-dependent world we live in. If you let them on too often, you have issues; not enough, they are moaning, groaning and you are the bad guy. I don't have problems being the bad guy but sure wish we could find a happy medium. Bottomline is he needs to take ownership of his part in this situation and work to remedy.

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One option if your son likes Astronomy and you are short on time is the Alpha-Omega Astronomy LifePacs. There are five books to the series and my younger son likes them. I know they are considered a 1/2 high-school credit and they're not too bad to implement. He probably could get them done if he works during the summer months and you don't have to feel guilty in failing him. Just a thought!

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