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Latin in the Christian Trivium and the Nat'l Latin Exam

Julie in GA

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Those of you who finished Volume 1 and/or Volume 2 of LiCT, and took the Nat'l Latin Exam, which test did you take? Would each volume correspond roughly to one year of Latin?


I thought the Nat'l Latin Exam was just one big test that got harder as one went along. Now I see that I'll have to choose the test to take, and I want to make sure I choose the right one!


Thanks for your help!

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I was sorry no one answered your reply! We are doing LitCT, volume I, and I have signed my ds up to take the Intro. Exam. BTW, I think you might have missed the deadline for the regular price, and you will have to pay extra to take it now. :( If you look on their site (I cannot recall exactly where) they have released exams which will hopefully give you an idea of where you are. Alternatively, you could e-mail Mary and ask her advice.

HTH, at least a little.


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After trying two different Latin programs last year, we finally found Latin in the Christian Trivium....and it was just right (said Goldilocks!) Anyway, I think we were at about Chapter 9 when it was time for the National Latin Exam. I had ordered the Intro...just so I could see how ds would do. He did great...36 out of 40 (national average was 31). The only ones he missed were the things we hadn't covered yet! Who knows what his score would have been if we had started LCT earlier!


I have a son who is in LCT I this year...and he's doing the Intro. My other son is just in chapter 3 of LCT II and is doing the Latin I test this year.


As Susan said, I would recommend looking at the syllabi on the website and looking at the practice tests also.


Good luck!

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