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I need a second opinion on a purchase...

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I had a jar before, but it got broken and I never replaced it. I do a lot of entertaining/catering of groups that are around 50 people. I'm not thrilled with punch bowls, and I usually use plain glass pitchers, but then you have to refill really often. I have other things to do besides constantly checking and replenishing drink pitchers. I sometimes borrow a drink jar from a catering friend, since she has several to choose from. The reasons why I like the one I linked:

It has a really wide mouth, so it would be easier than other jars to wash out.

It's definitely more convenient to have the jar on a stand so that you don't have to place it right on the edge of the table, and you can put a small saucer under the valve to catch any stray drips.

The jars with the small metal spigots tend to have a really slow flow, this one has a different valve.

This jar is unique, I haven't seen one like it anywhere else, and it *totally* suits my personal style.


I have my ds's graduation party coming up, and it seems like as good an excuse as any to finally buy another drink jar. Still, it's on the expensive side, imo. I think I can justify the expense in ten different ways, but I'm still feeling a bit guilty. It's on it's way. :001_unsure:

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