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7th grade math decision...

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I am stuggling with what to use for my son. I don't feel he is quite ready for pre-algebra, so I am going to stick with a standard 7th grade approach saving pre-algebra for 8th.


We have used BJU's math for 4th-6th with the HomeSat satellite (DVDs). I did not record the 7th grade math because, frankly, I didn't care for the teacher and figured I could teach it myself. Now, since I AM going to teach it myself I am wobbling on what materials to use. Should I stick with BJU and buy their new 7th grade updated text? Or go with CLE or perhaps TT7??


I know that with BJU my son can go right into the 7th grade book with no problems. BJU is pretty teacher intensive though, so I would HAVE to sit with him daily. But, I like that the BJU TE gives thorough instruction, so I can help him should he not understand something which might be a good thing for his last year of "regular" math.


CLE looks great. I like that it is not cluttered and seems simple and straightforward. I think my son would appreciate the change in format for a year. But, I don't know that the TE would help me if we got stuck, nor does it seem to have a lot of instruction for teaching.:confused: That scares me a bit. I also don't like that the scope and sequence may be so far off that I would possibly have to put him in a different grade. But, the price is very good, and the actual curriculum looks wonderful. I find it very tempting.


The independence of TT7 would be nice. I have watched the samples online and it looks fun, and something my son might enjoy.


I guess, I just want something that I know is going to solidify math for him before we venture into Algebra. And since I am doing the actual teaching, I need to know I will have what I need to help him. I know I should probably just continue on with BJU, and yet part of me wants to try something different for a year. I can't help but wonder if a different program may trigger a response in him that helps finally solidify his weak areas.


Confused. :confused:

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I think they'll send you one LU for free. I'd ask for the 702 LU (701 is all review and different from 702-710).


All the teaching is done in the CLE math lightunit. No need to teach math. I DO teach CLE math by reading the beginning of each lesson with my ds. I also review what he constantly forgets on the white board.


I would consider CLE math an independent program.

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I agree with Michelle.


Once you're finished with the BJU text you're using, I would give CLE a test run and see how you feel after finishing the Light Unit.


I thought I would use a light unit this year to tread water with my third grader when concepts in ABeka were coming too much, too quickly. We liked it so much we switched. I liked that I could try it without a commitment. It really took the pressure off.

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