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Youtube...what's up with the vidoes at the top???


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What's up with youtube.com?? When I go to the homepage, at the top are videos that people are watching right now (or something like that)...and some show nudity and other such horrid pictures. Is there a way to make the homepage less raunchy?? I have no idea about such things. I like youtube, because I can watch some tv shows on there since we don't have a tv. But goodness, I can't believe they allow such things on their website. Please advice if there is anything I can do about it.



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well, since their webpage is private and not public(as in, it's not a page run for a specific reason other than to show videos of all kinds), what's up top is as you said: what people are viewing that is most popular at that moment..


there is no way to make it "less raunchy". Sorry. However, if you have an account, up at the top next to the "search" box in small blue letters is a link that says "settings". Clicking on this will open up a diaog that you can then check a box that says "filter content that are unacceptable for minors". Which means, any video that has been flagged as "over 18" won't be seen on your homepage.


Otherwise, when you go to the main page, you will see whatever they put up.

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