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Around the World in 80 Days--okay for kids?

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I am looking for movies that are entertaining and funny without violence or scariness for a road trip.


Itunes has two versions of Around the World in 80 Days--one has Jackie Chan, and the other has several famous names, including Shirley Maclaine. Has anyone seen these? Are they any good?


Dd read the book and really, really liked it, as did I.


Spoilers are welcome.



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The new one with Jackie Chan, though funny, did not follow the story line of the book at all and was very disappointing. The older one is very long but pretty well made and follows the story a little better and has some good acting from famous old actors and a lot of scenery shots. Depending on your standards they are both fine for kids, though the new one is a little more worldly. The old one also has the prevailing views about the world, things that would be politically incorrect today.

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We chose not to view the newer version. That was long ago, so I don't remember what, specifically, put us off. Our standards are very conservative, so that probably is it.


The older version we own, and very much enjoy. We are fans of David Niven, to start with. We thought the obvious "weak link" was the ridiculous and poor acting by Shirley MacClain (can't spell). Her performance is so bad, it detracts from the film.

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