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Real Science 4 kids or Noeo?

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We did RS4K Chemistry last year with dd who was then 7. We did pre-level which was too easy and then we did Level 1 which was too complicated (at least the text was.) I did not like the experiments. I felt that they took all the fun out of chemistry. (We did this as part of a "club.") When I had done chemistry in the past, I NEVER had kids say "This is boring." like they did with RS4K.


We are doing NOEO Physics with 2 different science clubs (level 1 for dd8 and level 2 for ds12.) We are very happy with both. With the older one, we had to add experiments. Other than that, it has been great! I love the "living books" approach.

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We did RS4K Chemistry Level 1, and NOEO Physics Level 1. I thought RS4K Chemistry was expensive for what we got, and I didn't like putting together the chemistry experiments. Such a lot of work. My DD enjoyed it though, and IMHO the textbook is quite advanced.


We just finished NOEO Physics this year. We actually completed the whole course, so I consider it a success. It was very easy to implement since we bought the complete package. I don't think it was as rigorous as RS4K, but we definitely learned lots.

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IMHO the RS4K Chemistry 1 & 2 are quite good, but the Biology & Physics Level 1 are way too basic for a 6th grader (I'm using Bio 1 with a 7 year old). And unfortunately the Chem 2 volume does not include any labs -- the student is expected to design their own.


I love the books that Noeo recommends, but I don't like (and don't use) the teacher's guide. There is no content in the teacher's guide, just a schedule of which day to read which pages of which book, followed by suggestions to "write and sketch what you learned." There is nothing that ties the readings together or provides an overview.


I just use a different text as a spine, with the books from Noeo as supplements, and correlate them myself. For my 6th grader, I'm using the CPO Life Science text as a spine with Noeo's Bio 2 books (and a few others) as supplements, and for my 2nd grader I'm using RS4K Bio 1 as a spine with the Noeo Bio 1 books.



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