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Anyone have experience with Kiva?

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This past Xmas I gave Xmas gifts of KIVA GC's to 3 family members and Santa brought one to our house. Our kids then decided to donate enough for a second loan, so we currently have 2 $25 loans with Kiva. Both have been paid on - I think I got a notice of a $10 repayment so far.


I highly recommend them. It is not charity and it works.

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The loans are to people in developing countries that are starting their own small business. They are very small - $25, $50, etc.

As a previous poster stated, it is not charity - but it does help out some very great people that are working hard to better their lives.


I have heard from a few people over on Facebook that have had good success with them, and some have several loans out. No one will get rich making these loans, but they can make a wee bit of money, and help others in the process.


It seems to be a "win-win" to me. We haven't made a loan yet, though we hope to soon. Just trying to figure out what we can afford at this point to part with for the short term.

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My son regularly gives loans through Kiva, and the repayment rate is exceptional. He is now at the point where he simply continues to reinvest his money as it is payed back to him.


Micro-loan opportunities have been such an incredible blessing to women around the world.

Friends of our family are the founders of Esperanza, a group whose foundation is built on micro-finance in the Dominican Republic. Here is a link to a recent Reader's Digest article on the work they do.

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Back in Dec of 2007, I decided to take $100 and put in $25 each on four loans. As those were repaid, I reloaned the money to others. I think I've been through ten loans by now. It is fairly unusual for loans to default on Kiva, although it does happen. One of mine looks like it is in default, it hasn't had repayment in quite some time.


Look at the track record of the field partner who is handling the specific loanee you are considering. If they have a good record, it should be fine.


It is quite eye-opening just reading through the various requests for loans, and seeing how so many people around the world struggle to make a living. It always reminds me of how incredibly lucky I am.


I think Kiva is great.

Michelle T

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