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MOH, SOTW, and Diane Warings audio CD's, please share your opinions.

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What did you think of these? Pro's and Con's?



Did your children enjoy them? Did they hold their attention?



If you have used more than one of these can you share which you preferred and why?



Did you use both the books as well as the audio CD's?







Thanks for your time.

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I started using MOH and SOTW together four years ago but my daughter really enjoyed the MOH the most so I dropped SOTW. She is very creative and artistic. For her she just preferred MOH. We did not use Diane's CD''s but we used DVD's from the library that went with the time period we were studying. We also watched PBS, the history channel and the science channel alot when they were airing something that went along with our study at that time or I would record it for future use. Now that we are done studying the ancients if there is something on one of these channels (like now she is watching The Mysterious Hanging Coffins of China) she takes over the t.v. and is still wanting to learn more.



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My dd loves the SOTW 1 CD's - I use them as a supplement to our main history (Sonlight Core 1) and she has listened to them over and over and told me things she'd already learned from the CD's when we got to that part of our Sonlight history (kind of steals your thunder, but it's great she's learning:D). I'll be getting the SOTW 2 CD's for next year, too.:)

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