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Spelling Workout C and Cursive?

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I'm thinking of starting my dd 7.5 in Spelling Workout C next year. She is technically in 2nd grade, but she's an advanced reader and speller. According to SWB, under these circumstances, I would place her in "C". I understand, however, that level "C" assumes the student is writing in cursive -- is this true? I can't find enough samples to really determine this. DD is not writing in cursive yet -- I'm wondering if I need to start her in cursive over the summer so she would be up to speed? Thx for any help!

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I just went to check in our copy...

We used the 2001 version of Spelling Workout C (don't know if the older version is the same). The list words are printed in both manuscript and cursive for all the lessons. So your child should be fine without having to learn cursive before hand. (DS can only print manuscript at this point, and he did fine.)


HTH. :001_smile:

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I'll chime in to say that D is where my dd started having problems--not with the spelling, but with a couple of other things. We were following SWB's suggested pacing of about 2 books a year, so A&B in first grade and C&D for second. She was learning cursive in second grade, but it was still pretty new to her and she couldn't read it very well. So when we got to D I had to read the lists for her. But the bigger problem was that some of the activities were frustrating for her. I remember particularly the ones where you had to unscramble letters to form a list word. For someone who is not a puzzle lover, this was a frustratingly long exercise. And it doesn't really help you learn to spell the words I think. Anyway, we quit D about half way through and transitioned over to R&S starting in the middle of the 3rd grade book. The 4th grade R&S book has lists in cursive too (I guess that's just a 4th grade expectation), but it was no longer a problem 6 months after the trouble with SWO D.

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