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If you sell on the board, how do you have a clue how much to include for ppd postage?

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I came home from our used curriculum sale this weekend with a couple of things I would really still like to sell. Each would only be a standard workbook-sized book with a cd or book and 4 cassettes. I never list things on the internet bc I just have know idea how much to add for postage.




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Well, to send a book media mail is about $2.40. Then if you add anything other than media Books, cd and dvds) you have to send it parcel post. You can check on USPS website to see how much it would cost to send. I usually use a zip on the other side of the country and just go from there. Good luck.

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I'd approximate $2.50-3 for each regular-sized book, but if you have a giant pile of books/other media, the price increases very slowly. I've sent a GIANT box of books for about $6. You can play around with the USPS website; keep in mind that for priority shipping, it depends on distance, so I pick far away zones, but for media mail or first class, it's the same.

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