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Latin curriculum

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I apologize if this topic has been posed in another thread...


My 3rd grader is studying Latin in a classical school this year, using Latin for Children. We are going to homeschool next year. While I think LfC is ok (but I don't love it), I can't help but notice that it's not mentioned in TWTM. I'm curious about experiences any of you have had with LfC, Lively Latin, and Latina Christiana. It would be particularly helpful to hear from you if you used one and then switched to another.



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I've posted quite a bit of being a Lively Latin proponent. We're 2/3 through the Big Book 1 of the series and like it a lot. We chose to do the download option - print as we go.


Lfc and the other one are also popular here.


You can find endless discussions about these if you use the "search" tab in the blue strip below the welcome box in the upper right of your screen. Latin is quite a popular topic here!

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