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"Thirty Lessons in Outlining" Where to get it?

King's Kid

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by Polly M. Furbush, recommended by SWB in her book, lists at $185.00 on Amazon.com. Huh?!?!:eek:


I couldn't find it through Rainbow Resources or the other publisher she lists in her book -- Anyone know where I can find it for, um, a more realistic price, as she lists in her book ($8.95)?


TIA! :)

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I found it at my local homeschool bookstore. It was not over a hundred dollars. At the same time, I also purchased the book from Remedia Publications. The level of difficulty ramps up pretty quickly in the 30 days to outlining book. Since my dd had been having trouble with outlining, I started her in the Remedia book. This has been working well.

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Well, that must be one heckuva book!


I was curious, and found two copies at Alibris for... drum roll... $389.98 and the other for the low bargain price of $382.99 ... wow...


ETA: We did outlining last year (4th grade) with a book from Hayes, which I really, really liked. It also included note-taking, organizing them into an outline and writing a report. Rainbow carries it, and at $5.50, it's easier on the budget. :001_smile:


I tried to figure out how to elegantly insert a link, but failed... here's a long one


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