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TOG for HS

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Anyone here using TOG for high school. I just purchased the TOG DE yr 1 and the writing/maps and gov items to go along with it.


Those of you that are using it... What else do you do?


Math, science etc...


I need to keep it very simple. We will be using both D and R levels as I see fits.


He will be overwhelmed Im sure...


I know we can use

TOG for History, literature, Writing and most of our BIble(religion) and geography although We will be going light on the Bible and Literature at first.

We will also do TT Math.

Apologia physical Science may have to wait until we get into a routine with the rest?

How much Grammar....or other electives?


Were just aiming for Graduation...possible college but most likely trade school or no college. (never know)

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We are using TOG and we are just finishing up Year Two.


We use TOG as the foundation for history, literature, geography, and art and music appreciation.


In addition to TOG, we do science, math, PE, Spanish, Bible study, and one elective. We are also completing Wordly Wise at a very slow pace and using IEW for formal writing as needed.


You can read on my blog how we have been manipulating TOG to fit our family in high school.



Hope that helps,

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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We've used TOG for 5 years now, with this past year being our first for high school. If this is your first year with TOG, I think you're wise to be prepared to mix D and R level work. You can work up to using the R level completely throughout the year or plan to begin that next year.


One thing we do at the beginning of the year is start TOG a couple of weeks before anything else. Also, we spread week 1 over 2 weeks. There is usually a ton of mapwork in that first week, covering world geography, and this just lets us ease into the school year.

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I didn't answer the question first time. Sorry.

In addition to TOG (lit, eng 9, history, bible, philos, gov't) he was doing


Algebra I

Apologia Biology

OSU German Online

Band/Drum Practice 3 hrs week - Praise team Sun morns

Civil Air Patrol

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We will also be using TOG Yr 1 next year. I will have 2 UG, 1 D, and 1 R student. My 10th grader will be using TOG for Bible, History, Literature, Government, Philosophy, and Fine Arts.


Besides TOG, my high-schooler will be doing Latin, KISS Grammar (for review), IEW Ancient History based writing (maybe - not sure yet), Princeton's Cracking the SAT, and Traditional Logic II.

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I will have a 9th grader using TOG (yr 2) next year. I plan to do mostly D with her and add in some R level work as we go. She wlll also be doing IEW medieval writing, R&S grammar, chalkdust Alg I, Apologia physical science, LFC or Henle, SOS spanish and Into to Logic.

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Anyone here using TOG for high school. I just purchased the TOG DE yr 1 and the writing/maps and gov items to go along with it. Those of you that are using it... What else do you do?


Within TOG my high school student completes history, literature, geography, writing, philosophy, and government. He reads some of the church history, but not all. Year 3 has a lot of missionaries, he skipped most of them. He will read Spurgeon. When he does do the reading I don't assign questions, we discuss them. Year 1 Church History I would do because it is studying Scripture. Aside from TOG you can see the rest of his schedule here: Our 2008-2009 schedule.


I wrote that schedule last August or so, some things have changed. DS's AP biology teacher had a double hip replacement and we finished out the year with a non-AP co-op. He's going to take the SAT II for Biology in June. We finished Our Mother Tongue and started using Warriner's 3 for grammar, I keep the Stewart's on-hand for busy weeks and he reviews concepts with the worksheets. His days are full, 8 or 8:30 till 3 pm or so.


Try to ease in to TOG. There should be a reduced rhetoric reading schedule on the Loom if you need it. When we have busy weeks I have my son read the Government, but I don't assign the questions as written work, we just have a discussion.

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We are using TOG for High School, as well. My sons are finishing up 11th and 9th grades with TOG yr 3 Redesigned. Nest year we will complete the cycle with Year 4 DE. One thing that has been great for us this year has been our on-line virtual co-op - it really helps keep us on schedule, since we have to be ready to discuss with a group. We moms take turns leading history and lit discussions, so I have really learned a lot this year as well.

Since this is your first year with TOG, I would also suggest taking two weeks to do week 1 if you plan to do all the geography. My older son was in 9th grade when we did Year 1, and I skipped the Mesopotamian poetry with him (as well as some of the Egyptian) with no ill effects. We also all read the D version of Gilgamesh and really enjoyed it. Feel free to sub in some of the D lit as needed. Life is much more convenient if you have the Norton Anthology for R literature - having all the lit match up with TOG made spending the money worth it - you may even be able to find the anthology used since that edition is a couple of years old now. If you are feeling wild and crazy and have the extra money, the Teaching Co lectures on Ancient Greece by McInery (I'm sure I spelled that incorrectly) are very good. Also, check your local library for interesting videos on Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Ours had several good documentaries on a number of ancient cultures that really helped us visualize what life was like. We also found interesting videos on archaeological digs in Troy, Pompeii, etc. Enjoy year 1 - be sure to integrate the Bible portion - it is quite foundational to the year plan. Have fun!

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