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New program: Trail Guide to Learning...


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From one curriculum junkie to another... :tongue_smilie:


I saw a new program today at the curriculum fair (and, of course, I was drooling over it). I figured I would mention it in case you hadn't heard of it yet. It is Trail Guide to Learning: Paths of Exploration.


It is a very CM-style program that incorporates all subjects (except math) & can be used w/ approx. 1st/2nd graders through 5th/6th graders. I like that it easily allows you to combine multiple kids -- there are assignments at different levels (as they are in the Trail Guide geography books).


Subjects covered include:




Word Study

Geography, History, and Science

Writing, Drawing, & Doing

Independent Reading

Student Notebooking


The year covers 6 units total:

Columbus Unit

Jamestown Unit

Pilgrim Unit

Daniel Boone Unit

Lewis & Clark Unit

Trails West Unit


Even though it is heavily weighted to early US history (obviously), it also has some reading/discussion/work about other events going on in the world during those times.


Anyway, I thought it looked like a great program -- fun, educational, and laid out in a very nice manner (imo).

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I used this with my 3rd and 6th grade DC this year. We enjoyed it for the most part. The kids especially liked the nature studies and read alouds. The copywork was challenging for 3rd. The dictation was good for my 6th. The depth and intensity increased gradually over the course from what I could tell. The grammar coverage is somewhat light as well as spelling. We supplemented a little here and there as I saw a need. The program is easy to follow and well laid out. We had a lot of life events happen this year and were unable to finish all of the program. I plan to use some of the extra books next year but plan to sell the main program. We did use the lapbook CD available for this from Journey Through Learning and it was a great hands on type addition. Some of the lapbooking was a repeat of information in the student notebook pages so I just chose one or the other for DC to complete. HTH

If you are interested in a good used copy let me know

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Guest aliveinchrist

I have beeen researching history curriculum for my 6 yr old. The history in The Trail Guide To Learning seems really interesting. But we already have a LA and math and science we really like. Is there any way to just use the history portion of this curriculum? Or is everything too inter twined together? Thank you for the help.

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