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Health Insurance for small biz/self employed???

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We have never had health insurance. When we moved back to help with dh family biz we thought someday we would have health ins. Now 10 years later we still do not have health ins. Before we've always just paid cash for everything, and really we have had success with that, but this year we had a lot of extra medical expenses so it's got me thinking a bit about insurance.


Does anyone have any suggestions of what they do? Especially if you are self employed or small bus.



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When Dh lost his job last December, his employer wanted $1300/ month for COBRA. (For a healthy family of 5.)


I called Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, and they wanted $800/ month.


Our pastor gave me the name of a private insurance agent, and she worked with us to find coverage for our family for $420/month!


The trick, she said, was not to insure the family as a whole, but to break up the policies. So the 5 and 8 year old shared a policy with Coventry. My 12 year old had his own policy with Humana. Dh and I shared a policy with Humana.


I would suggest finding a private insurance agent (Not one tied to a particular company, like State Farm or Allstate). Ask around, or you can go to http://www.daveramsey.com for a recommendation.

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