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Ear ache question

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it means her eardrum ruptured.


sounds horrifying, but it's actually the ear's pressure relief system. she most likely had an inner ear infection because that's usually when the outer ear hurts to the touch. i would recommend you take her to the doctor for antibiotic drops because the ear drum is wounded and festering, essentially. oh, and her hearing will not be 100% for a little while.

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I get swimmer's ear on a regular basis, even when I haven't been swimming, because of the structure of my ear canals. I'm pleased to say in all the infections I can remember from childhood to today, I've never had ear drainage.


I think you need to see a doctor soon. Like the other posters I think it's a ruptured ear drum. I would avoid getting water in the ear--no swimming be careful if you must shampoo.

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Yep, ruptured ear drum. Do not get the ear wet even in the bath tub. My kids' ped is usually very laid back, but when my middle ds had a ruptured ear drum he was adamant that he not get the ear wet to prevent bacteria from growing in there. My son was on a couple of ear drops and oral abx to clear the infection and prevent a deeper infection while the ear healed. My son never complained about pain, but he could not hear us well for about a month. That was a couple of years ago, but his hearing is fine now and he does not have any lasting complications from it.


Side note about time to see the doc, our ped wanted him in right away. If there is a minor emergency around you that might be a good idea.

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