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Ap exams...school just closed due to flu!!!!

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AARGH! My ds is frantic - neither the College Board site nor the local high school site have info on whether or not kids can show up at an unclosed school for the AP exams that begin this week. Our local high school just closed for a week.



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I have been thinking about this issue. My son took the SAT this morning. We were speculating on turnout which I thought might be sparse because of AP exams.


With the security issues surrounding AP exams, what will the College Board do if tests are given on a rolling basis? Ugh. What a headache! And what a pain for a student who is prepared and just wants to leave the test behind.


Jane (relieved that my son opted out of AP this year to concentrate on his CC courses)

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I sent you a pm.


On Monday I would be calling other schools and the CB. I would think that it would be doubtful that the other schools would have extra AP tests just sitting around but perhaps they would. It sure would be worth a try.



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I've been praying here that the school we chose to test at does not close. The high school is in the same school district as University of DE. UD has at least 6 confirmed cases however they are finding all are mild symptoms and UD has not shut down. Hopefully if any cases find their way into the school district it will not close either.


DS wants his tests to be done and over with.



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No, schools don't have extra AP Exams as a general rule, so if you just show up at a school with no previous plans, chances are they will not be able to accomodate you. However, College Board is prepared, and has said there is a plan in place. Contact the AP Coordinator at the school. That is what College Board has been posting to their email listserves. (At least to the AP Calculus and AP Stats ones that I read) College Board also says that a large number of make-up tests should not delay scoring. I don't know the details, but I know the AP Coordinator at our school has a few plans in case we close.

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Try not to panic. The Ap folks have make up days and procedures. They know how to deal with problems that happen on days that the tests are supposed to happen.


As I remember the school will file a form explaining why the tests weren't given in the correct time slot and get new tests and directions on when to give the new tests. Do not panic. Really!

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There has been some talk about this on the AP US Gov listserve also. The exam is scheduled for Monday, May 4. Here is the e-mail our moderator posted from College Board:


"The College Board is monitoring the H1N1 (swine flu) outbreak and is actively working with school officials where Advanced Placement (AP)

Exam administrations may be delayed due to school closings. If you are

in an affected area, please speak directly with your school’s AP

Coordinator to discuss how this outbreak may impact your AP Exam

administration.The AP Exam administration is designed and prepared for

unforeseen school closings and other emergencies. In addition to the

AP Exams that are offered during the first two weeks in May, we

provide a set of make-up exam dates that occur in the third week of

May. In cases where a problem or situation persists, and students are

unable to test on those alternate dates, even later make-up exam dates

can be arranged with the school. The College Board will assist in

whatever way possible to ensure that students affected by this matter

have the opportunity to take their AP Exams. Each school’s AP

Coordinator can call us if they need any help arranging make-up

testing. The number to call is (877) 274-6474."




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